About Fanatixe International

Fanatixë International Limited is a recreations and merchandise marketing company. The company was founded in 2012 with the aim of providing recreational services that will enhance human togetherness and promote social well-being of general recreations aficionado and sports fans. We have since included Merchandise manufacturing and marketing as part of out business focus as we aim to produce sports and general recreation products and sports paraphernalia that enhances sports and recreations allegiances and corporate brand recognition.

Fanatixe International’s services are focused on creating an unforgettable experience for recreations and sports enthusiasts and people seeking to improve their play life. Our products and services are dependent on creativeness as the pillar for success and we offer four core services that are focused on travels & tours, Fan Recreational Activities & Facilities, Children Entertainment & Recreations and Sports & Corporate Merchandising.

Our Services are packaged under brand names, with each product brand managed by different portfolio managers. This focus allows us to consistently research and develop unique services that appeals to the fans of recreations and sports.

Mission Statement

Our creativity and innovativeness defines us at all times as we embark on the mission of providing recreational services and merchandise that enhances human togetherness, health & social well-being.


To be a globally recognized Recreations and Sports Brand.

Strategic Focus:

Leverage Technology as a fulcrum for creativity and Innovation.

Company Values:

Creativity & Innovativeness, Entrepreneurial and Fun.